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How to Become a Paid Travel Writer

Are you a travel writer or interested in becoming a travel writer? Well, getting paid to write is easier than you think. We pay for unique adventure and culture articles, destination features, ecotourism, and consumer-related articles. Sorry, but we do not pay for photography tips, etc. However, we do accept photography, and other article types not listed above (see non-paid article advantages below). 

Articles FYI

  1. Articles must be unique! They cannot have been previously printed in a publication. We do not consider articles sent to other publications or posted online, including on a personal blog, nor do we consider anonymous or pseudonymous submissions.
  2. Paid articles become the property of
  3. You must accept payments via PayPal. That is the only payment method we use.
  4. We only accept articles written in grammatically correct US or UK English. 
  5. Quotations, excerpts, etc. are not included in the word count. 
  6. Writing an article is no guarantee of acceptance ( must approve the topic before being written).
  7. We need articles written about these destinations...

Writing Guidelines by Type of Article

  1. Destination features – Covering a specific destination – a country or a region – or activity, e.g., horseriding in Chile, paragliding in Portugal. Should be both anecdotal and informative, written in the first person and the past tense.
  2. Special-interest features – Do you have specialist knowledge on a travel-relevant subject? Topics covered to date include safaris, cycling holidays, New Zealand walks, family adventure trips. Must be authoritative – authors should have in-depth and regional or global knowledge.
  3. Consumer articles – A practical guide of value to travelers. Explain how people can save money, or make their travels better and easier. The style should be direct and instructive, but easy to read and understand. 

If you are new to travel writing, here is a good article: The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer.

Simple Travel Writing Tips

  1. Tell a story (don't just provide details) from a first-person and past-tense perspective.
  2. Include short amusing or interesting stories about a real incident.
  3. Always include H2 subheadings to divide story sections
  4. Write enticing and concise H2 subheadings
  5. Use few superlatives (like "amazing" and "awesome") and describe the scene with words.
  6. Take evenly balanced and well-composed photos that tell a story and document your timeline or anecdote.
  7. Avoid cliches like "bustling markets"... "azure/cobalt sea"... "nestling among" ... "a smorgasbord of...".
  8. Use fewer words. Write concisely and efficiently.
  9. Include quotes or even poetry if it enhances the story.

Base Payment Model

As of Updated 11/14/2018

Words Per Article Text Only Text and Photos
501-800 $15 $20
(3 original great photos min)
801-1200 $20 $25
(3 original great photos min)
1201+ $25 $30
(3 original great photos min)

How to proceed...

  1. Sign Up for a account
  2. Confirm your email using the confirmation link that is sent to you upon registration
  3. Login and update your Personal Information (The info you add to your Personal Information will be included with the article).
  4. Contact editorial staff and pitch an idea for an article.
  5. Submit an approved unique article
  6. We will review the article and let you know if it is acceptable.
  7. If accepted, we will pay you via PayPal. Paid articles become the property of

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For a minimum fee of $90 USD, marketing professionals may submit articles to that contain direct links to their client's website. These articles are posted under the brand and contain unfiltered direct links. This is a great way to generate traffic for your clients while creating SEO friendly backlinks that can positively affect Google's SERP rankings. Contact for more information

Advantages of Non-Paid Travel Writing

If you want to write an article and include links back to your website or blog you may do that, however, we do not pay for those types of articles. Paid articles become the property of If you want control of and rights to your articles you can still submit them to without being paid. Add your name to this list of travel and photography writers by submitting an article or tip to Creation Earth today. We accept original articles from all sources. Just register for an account and begin submitting articles on cool places, photography tipstravel thoughts, and your travel adventures. We’ll review the article and then make it available to our website visitors once it is approved. 

One of the primary benefits of non-paid writing is exposure and advertising. Also, we will link back (filtered) to your business, blog, or company website from the article. Again, you can even include links, which will be filtered, within the article to an external blog or other, non-competing website.

Destination and Topics We Need Articles About...

Please contact us before you write an article to see if the topic is what we need. The topics below may be divided into more focused articles and do not need to cover multiple destinations.

  • Laos, Kuang Si Falls
  • Namibia
  • Siargao, Coron, and Palawan Island, Philippines
  • Thailand (Koh Tao and Khao Sok National Park), Mekong River, Phuket
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls)