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The Medieval Walled Town of Óbidos Portugal

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Take a trip into the old-world and picturesque olive countryside of the Óbidos municipality. The region offers breathtaking views of the ocean to the west and rolling hills to the east. While the municipality extends all the way to the Atlantic Ocean with its refreshing salt-air breezes, high-end sun-drenched communities, and world-renowned Praia D'el Rey golf course, your explorations must begin with the historic medieval walled town of Óbidos.

With a meager population of only 3100 people, this quaint town is a high point of any trip to Portugal. Known for its delicious sweets, Ginja liqueur, castle, and annual medieval festival, the stone-walled town of Óbidos makes for an enjoyable journey into the past. Admire up close the many hidden historic Roman and Moorish relics as you stroll through this beautiful town. The style of the exquisitely painted town gateway provides a nice introduction to colorful florae which contrasts the white-walled medieval stores and residential homes. After enjoying the architecture and tight cobblestone main street which take you through the historic medieval marketplace, you must then walk around the town on its stone walls. Enjoy the charming countryside and domestic dwellings from up high as you take a 40-minute walk around a city that you will never forget.

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