The Beauty of Lucerne, Switzerland (Comments)

Author: Mark Pringle

Rarely will you be entranced by such a relatively small town as you will with Lucerne Switzerland. Situated in central Switzerland about a forty minute drive south of Switzerland's most-renown city of Zurich; Lucerne is famous for its magnificent and well-preserved architecture and natural setting. The town's proximity to Zurich and location between snowcapped mountains and the scenic Lake Lucerne makes it a favorite destination for mountain excursions and other nature-oriented adventures in Switzerland.

Chapel Bridge and Water Tower Lucerne, Switzerland

Foolishly, visiting Lucerne was an afterthought for my wife and me. We were driving from Zurich to Grindelwald Switzerland when we saw a sign for Lucerne. It was only then that we remembered seeing a Rick Steves’ episode on Lucerne and its Chapel Bridge. So, we decided to make a quick visit. We were not disappointed.

The Chapel Bridge

The architecture and scenic setting of the town were a lovely surprise. However, the centerpiece of Lucerne is the Chapel Bridge – which is regarded as the oldest bridge in Europe that is constructed of wood. This wood bridge provides a remarkable and picturesque view of the delightful Swiss architecture and the natural beauty of the Swiss life which surrounds Lake Lucerne. While walking on the Chapel Bridge you cannot help but be engrossed in people-watching while trying to identify the many languages and cultures from all over the world which have come to see this attractive city.

The Chapel Bridge and its Beautiful Architectural Backdrop
The Chapel Bridge and its Beautiful Architectural Backdrop

Lucerne's Diverse and Fun Activities

Aside from people-watching, we noted that Lucerne offered diverse and fun activities; from the inspirational Swiss Museum of Transport to sun-bathing at Lido Beach. The museum captivates tourists who spend their afternoons playing with fantastic train engines, old automobiles, and even motorcycles. The museum focuses on the development of transport and mobility on road, rail, and water, as well as in the air and in space. The lakeside Lido Beach offers seasonal fun-in-the-sun at the heart of Lucerne. Nevertheless, the architectural lakeside scenes, people watching, and the Chapel Bridge were the high points for us.

If you are a history buff, it is best represented in Lucerne with the Musegg wall; accenting the center of old “archives” of Lucerne. You can also find several huge towers, such as the one anchoring Musegg, throughout the city.

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the most beautiful of the seventeen countries in Europe that we have visited. Lucerne is a jewel in the crown of Switzerland and is a memorable stop if you are traveling from Zurich to even more spectacular areas like Grindelwald, Switzerland. 

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