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The Awe Inspiring Historic City of Coimbra

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Escape the dull repetitiveness of modern cities and visit the awe inspiring historic city of Coimbra. With architecture from the middle ages, Renaissance, and Baroque era each building, church, and square is a historical relic and a treat for the senses. As you stroll through the city no two buildings or streets will be the same, leaving you with endless roads to discover. The architecture of this city is so rich that many of its historical buildings were classified as World Heritage Sites in 2013, ensuring their continued preservation.

Do not be fooled by the classic look of this city. It is in fact the third largest city in Portugal and offers all the appeals of a bustling city. Within the historic walls of Coimbra, you will find fine dining, chic boutiques, and a myriad of entertainment options.


Whether you are reveling in the history or enjoying the splendors of the city, you can rest assured that there will be refreshing breezes and warm sunshine to accompany you on your adventure. The heavenly Mediterranean climate makes travel to this region enjoyable year-round! 

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