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Serengeti National Park: Where the Land Runs Forever

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Serengeti National Park, located in the Simiyu and Mara regions of Tanzania, was originally established as a wildlife conservatory. Native Maasai people named the place, after their word, “siringet,” which means “the place where the land runs forever.” When visiting the Serengeti National Park, you will be surrounded by the most incredible wildlife and landscapes this beautiful park has to offer. 5,700 square miles are not populated with humans; they aren’t allowed to live on the parklands. Without their human footprint, you can appreciate the home of some of the most magnificent animals on the planet.

The Serengeti is thought to have the largest population of lions in Africa because they have an abundant food source. You will also see the fantastic African elephants. These creatures have had waning populations due to poaching but are now on a steady incline. Black Rhinoceros, however, is still being poached mercilessly. Their drastically decreasing numbers can be seen mostly in the central regions of the park. The African Leopard is another secluded predator, most active during the night. Their gorgeous spotted bodies can be seen in the Serengeti as well. With the African Buffalo rounding out the top five big game for hunters, these large animals are prized for their beauty. Of course, these merely touch the surface of the diversity of wildlife the park has to offer tourists.

Animals and wildlife aren't the only breathtaking features to be seen. There is an abundant mixture of savanna, grasslands, and forests creating a unique and diverse habitat. Well known plains in the north, with sparse trees dotting the landscape, provide the perfect location for hooved animals. During the wet season's zebra, impala, gazelle, and wildebeest migrate through and breed. To the north, the grasslands are the ideal place to find giraffes. Western areas are covered in swamps, perfect for the crocodiles and monkeys.

The Serengeti is the perfect place to take a safari in Africa; you will see the breathtaking African lands filled with the incredible wildlife that lives and hunts there. With over a quarter of a million visitors each year, this is the oldest park as well as the anchor for tourism. From November to May you will be amazed at the incredible number of wildebeest and zebra that migrate through. The magic of the Serengeti will stay with you always, making this the trip of your lifetime.


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