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Sedona Arizona: Artist Haven and Red Rock Country

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Iconic red rocks, energy vortexes, art galleries, and natural beauty are trademarks of one of the most unique natural spectacles and destinations in the United States, Sedona Arizona. Few places in the States match the geological splendor and colorful culture of Sedona. The stately crimson rocks, fine dining, hiking trails, and premier art galleries provide a sense of personal enrichment and foster memorable experiences in this unique area of Arizona. From spectacularly colored desert life to splendid sunsets, each day spent within this striking landscape provides a new experience.

World-Class Art and Spectacular Natural Sights

For the unique gift and artifact shopper, art lover, photographer, and artisan Sedona is a must pilgrimage…a mecca. The Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts village, situated within the town limits of Sedona, inspires passion with the impressive works of art, photography, and crafts. Fantastic art galleries flourish in Sedona but the greatest art is found in the fabulous red rock topography of the region. You’ll find most of your enjoyment in exploring and hiking these beautiful and scenic red rocks by foot, bike, or the famous and fun Pink Jeep Tours. However, you must experience the striking views of the city and some of the most stunning sunsets in the world (sorry Silver Coast of Portugal and La Jolla) from the Airport Mesa vantage point. The Airport Mesa loop trail gives you panoramic views of Sedona's best-known red rock landmarks and the town itself. After the sun sets, the experience is not over. Stargazing from Airport Mesa, or any location in Sedona is magical. With only a small amount of light pollution and over 300 clear days a year, stargazing is one of the must-do activities in this region of Arizona. Gazing at the distant galaxies, surrounded by the inviting red rocks creates an out-of-this-world experience.

Sedona's Pink Jeep Tour is a must.

Wine and dine at Sedona’s fine restaurants as you sample the delicious wines of the Verde Valley Wine Trail and sumptuous meals from the Arizona cuisines. Sedona is one of the few destinations in the world which provides world-class shopping, dining, outdoor activities, and spectacular natural landmarks in equal proportion.

Oak Creek Canyon and Slide Rock State Park

Just north of Sedona is Oak Creek Canyon with its snaking roads, and impressive views and entrance. Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge with numerous swimming holes, crystal clear water, and a magnificent birds-eye view of the neighboring sceneries. The twisting, writhing, and slightly perilous road below the canyon walls add to the experience of the area. The fun-filled highlight of this region is Slide Rock State Park. Here you will see how exposure to seismic activity, water, and freezing temperatures caused rocks and cliffs to erode over time into interesting shapes forming a natural slide. Those looking for a popular and cooling summer attraction can slide down the river gorge on a tube or on their own. If a gigantic stone sliding board is not your thing, simply sunbathe along the creek’s rock bed.

Attractions Abound Near Sedona

Take photos and relish at the breathtaking views from the Midgley Bridge. Relax your mind and stretch your legs as you walk down the red-soiled hiking trails. Enjoy hiking at the Devil’s Bridge Trail which houses the largest natural sandstone arch in the area. This trail is suitable for casual and adventurous nature lovers. The trail markers are easy to follow and lined with the prickly pear cactus and lovely junipers. The view at the end of the hiking trail is astonishing. Only a two-hour drive South of Sedona is Phoenix and Apache Trail; this 42-mile journey down the historic Apache Trail is one of the most beautiful scenic drives in Arizona. Take a one hour ride up the mountains, through copious forests, and North of Sedona to Flagstaff and its famous U.S. Route 66; the Main Street of America. If you are a little more adventurous, the south rim of the Grand Canyon is only a two-hour drive North of Sedona.

Without question, Sedona, Arizona’s iconic red rocks, art galleries, dining, and other natural trademarks make it of one of the most breathtaking and enriching destinations in the United States.

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