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São Martinho do Porto: A Hidden Silver Coast Gem

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If you are looking for a sophisticated and beautiful coastal region inside Portugal, look no further than São Martinho do Porto. This is one diverse oceanside town that will light up your senses in more ways than one. As soon as you arrive, you will discover a stunningly colorful and chic town etched into a small mountainside as it gazes at a beach stretching along an exquisite shell-shaped bay. It is a rather surreal sight.

As you venture along the sandy bay, you will discover crystal clear waters which look as though they were painted in a portrait and is something best reserved in an impressionist painting. Imagine a romantic boardwalk walk at sunset from São Martinho’s little sister, Salir do Porto, from across the bay. This is the way life was meant to be!

In São Martinho do Porto, you will find a very busy cosmopolitan town, with plenty of walkways, shops, bars and restaurants. You will also enjoy interaction with the wonderfully accommodating Portuguese people who are keen to demonstrate their way of life with everyone who shows an interest in their culture. São Martinho do Porto is a town that you really must experience firsthand to appreciate. Oh, and Shhh don't tell anyone, but there is tranquil Praia da Gralha 1 kilometer away if São Martinho's beach gets a little too congested during the summer.

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