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Portugal's Jardim das Portas do Sol

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One of Portugal's best places to visit is the city of Santarém's Jardim das Portas do Sol. The Jardim is a feast for the senses. The views are spectacular, the food is fantastic, and the area is rich with history. Translated, the Garden of the Sun Gate has been a favorite of tourists looking for something historical yet beautiful. A must see for anyone visiting Portugal's Santarém.

Some of the finest examples of Gothic architecture can be found surrounding the Jardim das Portas do Sol in Santarem. In the monuments, churches, convents, and walls are where Portugal's earliest parliament has located and where its kings were throughout the Renaissance period. When standing in the garden or perhaps even having a picnic in the shade enjoying the breeze from the river Tagus it's thrilling to know the area has been populated since the eighth century BC.

Remnants of the castle walls can still be seen along with the remains of Moorish battlements or experience ancient alleyways to find a picture of a statue of Pedro Alvarez Cabral the man who discovered Brazil.

There are several fine dining spots in the area and also little cafés. A place to try that has fantastic food with great service features Mediterranean cuisine and satisfies the stomach and the eyes with colorful tasty dishes fit for a king. They have a creamy shrimp risotto that is a must try and very good wines for not a lot of money. At another local diner called Kook, one will find the best sushi, pizza, and steak. There are essentially three diners in one. Something for everyone and all tasty tasty.

One of the best reasons to visit Jardim das Portas do Sol is the spectacular views of the Tagus River. Looking over the Tagus plain can leave one breathless, it is an unforgettable sight to see and experience. The garden also features a bird exhibit to enjoy while strolling the grounds. The whole park is a great place for playing with one's children or resting in the shade trees. The Garden of the Sun Gate should be visited by everyone at some time in their life. 

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