Palace of Versailles: A UNESCO World Heritage Site (Comments)


The Palace of Versailles is known around the world as one of most opulent castles in France. It is a superb example of French 18th Century art and architecture and is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Europe.

The Palace of Versailles is the extravagant and overstated creation of the Sun King, Louis XIV. It was embellished to exhibit royal power and exemplifies the kind of royal decadence that triggered the French Revolution. The UNESCO World Heritage site boasts many highlights including The Chapel of Versailles, The Grand Apartment, and Versailles Garden.

The Chapel of Versailles

The Chapel of Versailles is one of five chapels at the Palace, which showcases the superb architecture with Baroque and Gothic influences. Visitors can feast their eyes on impressive marble floors, imposing pillars and gargoyles.

The Hall of Mirrors features gold-framed windows which bask the grandeur of the Hall in dazzling sunlight. It stretches to dramatic 73 meters in length and it is decorated to celebrate the political, economic and artistic greatness of France. The vaulted ceiling is exceptional.

Grand Apartment

Priceless and unique antique furniture decorate the Grand Apartment of the Sun King. The apartment features a succession of rooms. Each of the seven stunning salons is adorned with a painting of a planet. Visitors can scarcely peel their eyes away from the remarkable frescos on the ceilings.

Versailles Garden

Versailles is surrounded by stylized formal gardens which cover 250 acres. The symmetrical gardens are Europe’s largest and most breath-taking and include perfectly manicured lawns, geometric paths, regal fountains and stunning marble statues. Every blade of grass and detail of its lavish construction were designed to glorify Louis XIV. The infamous magically still fountains honored his power over nature.

It is no surprise that the Palace of Versailles attracts more than 10 million visitors every year. Every nook and cranny of the majestic palace is well worth exploring.

A Brief History of the Palace of Versailles

Photos of the Palace of Versailles

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