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Nazaré Big Wave Tour Challenge Does Not Disappoint (Amazing Photos)

Author: Mark Pringle | (Comments)

Today's Nazaré Big Wave Tour Challenge surf event did not disappoint with plenty of sun, amazing and massive waves (20+ ft sets), pumped-up crowds, and spectacular surfing. You never know what the waves will be like on any given day, but certainly, the surf was in dramatic and true Nazaré Portugal form. While not the behemoth 20-meter+ waves (you don't want that for a surfing competition) you can often see at Nazaré, these waves performed well and so did the surfers. Grant "Twiggy" Baker won the epic final at the November 2018 Nazaré Challenge. Here are some photos of the event.

The crowds were perched on the Nazaré cliffs to see a competition which didn't disappoint. 

A surfer purposely flips out of a wave at the end of his ride.

As the sun rose from the East and peaked over the Nazaré cliffs, they created beautiful rainbows on the misty edges of the waves.

Jet skiers pull the surfers out of the tumultuous Nazaré waters, to a safer surfing haven, after they ride a wave. 


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