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Copenhagen Denmark's Points of Interest and Urban Experience

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Copenhagen is a very pleasant city in Denmark which sits on the coastal islands of Amager and Zealand and is home to numerous astounding and spectacular sights and attractions within walking distance. One of the oldest and most popular cities in Europe, it is magnificently equipped with boulevards, palaces, and a multitude of parks with broad-leafed trees and cool-looking fountains. Copenhagen is a beautiful urban experience pierced by welcoming waterways and easily travelable streets. 

Copenhagen's Nyhavn Waterfront and Boats
Copenhagen's Popular Nyhavn Waterfront

The dynamic Danish metropolitan town has progressive modern architecture, stunning activities and places you would expect to find in any world-class destination. Enjoy your shopping, interact with the locals, and appreciate the beautiful old homes as you explore the canals and the narrow streets.

Dumb was the sea, and if the beech-woods stirred,
'Twas with the nesting of the grey-winged bird
Midst its thick leaves

Great things he suffered, great delights he had,

Unto great kings he gave good deeds for bad;
He ruled o'er kingdoms where his name no more
Is had in memory, and on many a shore
He left his sweat and blood to win a name
Passing the bounds of earthly creatures' fame.

Ogier the Dane, by William Morris.

Detail of the Royal Danish Theatre
Detail of the Royal Danish Theatre 

The 100- year old Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park that appeals to the young and old alike. Founded in 1843, Tivoli Gardens is a national treasure with an international attraction appeal to the visitors. The lush gardens, exotic architecture, and historic buildings that make everyone fall in love with the gardens. You will not regret enjoying a night out, thanks to the thousand colored bulbs that create a fairy-tale atmosphere.

The Stroget is a shopper’s paradise with pretty and long pedestrian streets with a wide array of shops ranging from budget-friendly chains to the expensive brands globally. Get treated to impromptu performances from the street performers at the Amagetorv Square. However, be on the lookout for street cons that use games to lure unsuspecting visitors.

Copenhagen Shopping Square
Copenhagen Shopping Square

Frilandsmuseet is one of the oldest and largest open-air museums in Denmark, Copenhagen and globally. It sits across 86 acres and houses more than 50 farms and museum houses. Although some of the building's gardens have been re-erected, it still creates an impression of the historical environment of the country life. The museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday and is a stone throw from the city center.

Enjoy Europe’s seamless urban experience as you tour the Danish town known for its good looks, beautiful beaches, wooded parks, and culinary revolution.

Fountain in Rosenborg Castle Gardens
Fountain in Rosenborg Castle Gardens


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