Caldas da Rainha: The Silver Coast's Quiet City (Comments)


At first glance, the city of Caldas da Rainha might just be a quiet crossing to get to other destinations in the Silver Coast of Portugal. However given the chance, Caldas da Rainha proves itself to be more than just its red brick-tiled roofs and aging white facades. The cracks on the walls tell many stories much like the bright and unique ceramics and pottery they are widely known for.

The city has aged gracefully. Upon closer look, you can see the colorful glazed tiles of greens and oranges embrace centuries-old buildings of Moorish descent. The deep green of the city’s natural flora represents its warm Mediterranean climate. The cool ocean breeze that finds its way east from the Atlantic Ocean counters this usual warmth.

Caldas da Rainha bustles with trade, commerce, and life as its streets get lined up with pops of color from umbrella stands that serve as one of its many marketplaces. The city’s neighborhoods thrive on its city centre, where only narrow cobbled streets separate most of the Art Nouveau buildings. If there is nothing else to do in Caldas da Rainha, one can spend most of the day just watching people or going to the wonderful Óbidos lagoon beach in neighboring Foz do Arelho. Here, they walk ever so leisurely as they shop, dine, or plainly enjoy the romantic backdrop of the city, its small lakes and parks, and structures that seem to truly come out from a history book. 

Photos of Caldas da Rainha

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