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Beauty and Attractions of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

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It seems like the best vacations and holidays are always accompanied by exploration where adventure-seekers quench their thirst for nature. Well, Croatia is one of those adventure-laden countries which hosts several thrilling and beautiful natural attractions; one of which is the unique and impressive Plitvice Lakes National Park and its surrounding panoramas.

Plitvice Lakes Natural Beauty

Situated strategically within the country, Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of Croatia’s most fascinating places to visit. The park consists of 16 lakes which are 130 km from Zagreb, the capital city, providing an easily accessible site as it is almost in the middle of the country. The presence of calm waters and superbly immense vegetation represents a tranquil environment.

The lakes are connected by waterfalls that have an impressive appearance as they stretch out to the valleys. There are pathways around the park to guide you to the waters where you can board a boat to traverse you through the waters.

Attractions at Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes consists of several natural parks, lakes, and waterfalls that form part of the exciting attractions. This place is a significant nature reserve, boasting being the largest and the oldest in the country. Karsts define its land topography while turquoise blue colored lakes dominate the valleys.

Fourteen upper lakes and two lower lakes are part of the exciting attractions. All of these lakes are easily accessible with short walking distances. Besides, the hikes to these lakes form part of the adventure. However, it is forbidden to swim in these waters despite the high level of hygiene.

A short distance from Plitvice Lakes National Park is the Krka Waterfall National Park, located in Dalmatia. If you fancy swimming, waters here are sparkling clean, and you can swim for as long as you wish. Although the environment in this place might feel different from the Plitvice, it still has dramatic looks and a calm atmosphere.

After a hectic day hiking in Plitvice lakes national park, you can enjoy a warm welcome in one of the luxurious hotels around the park. Hotels such as Villa Lika, Ethno Houses Plitvice Selo Deluxe and Grand Lakes Rooms offer accommodation alongside services including delicious meals and cozy rooms.

Best Time to Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park

Any time could be appropriate for paying a visit to the Plitvice lakes since the atmosphere is always favorable. Different seasons have a unique feel and look, and therefore, it does not matter when you visit the place.

However, the look of snow stretching on the peripheries of the landscape presents a stunning appearance. Winter is, therefore, the best time to visit the place where you will get to enjoy a fantastic experience in the snow. But you need to ensure that you dress warmly since winter evenings can be frigid.

How to Get to Plitvice Lakes

Croatia has well-developed roads and driving to this fascinating park is effortless. Besides, driving offers the best experience since you will get to enjoy beautiful shore views. Plitvice lakes national park is only 2 hours’ drive from Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. Zagreb is easily accessible from every part of the country as well as from outside the country. Zagreb international airport is located in the town and close to Plitvice Lakes.

When you arrive at the park in a car, you are guaranteed of spacious parking. Various car hiring companies are available around the city to facilitate your tour’s convenience. If hiring a car may be unaffordable for you, then there are buses departing from different parts of the country to Zagreb at an inexpensive price.

What is the Entrance Fee?

Entrance fees depend on the number of days you are planning to stay in the park. The season of the year also affects the charges; the prices are higher during the peak season and vice versa. For instance, during the peak season, an adult pays a maximum of 34 Euros while charges drop up to 22 Euros during the off-peak season.

Other factors that affect the price include your status, i.e., whether you are a student or not, the requirement of a tour guide, and provision of transport across the lakes.

In conclusion, you should carry some items to enhance your experience in the park. For instance, despite the hotels available, you can bring your food like sandwiches and turn the tour into a picnic. A camera is also necessary for taking photos in these impressive views like in the Veliki Slap.

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