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Hot Springs National Park Photo Gallery

The best and most stunning photos of Hot Springs National Park. View and get inspired by this glorious and amazing Hot Springs United States photo gallery showcase full of pictures and hot springs images. Beautiful photos of nature and interesting places.

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  • Country: Nigeria
    Nature is incredibly beautiful
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
    Destination: Mecca
    To stand there and face the abyss. Where the height and the glory of the mountains dissolves into the vast empty grounds. As the mountains stand to document the history of nature they endured, sculpted and carved to mark their presence and prove their prevalence. You shift your gaze to marvel at the ground below. Dozens of roads itched through the tough desert grounds. The physical traces of the culture and religion that you still see everyday. The thousands of pilgrims that went through these paths over the years, until their routes of travel were embraced by the landscape as an indispensable feature of it. The sun is setting and the colors are changing, hues of red showering over the mesmerizing landscape, colors are warming but the weather is cooling. As the air around you chills your body, yet, the rocks below you maintain their heat with their unyielding warmth. Another proof of the desert’s nature to prevail against time. Barely recognizing the small specks as people, you are overwhelmed with the realization of how infinitesimally insignificant your existence is when faced with the true glory of nature. You stand there and face the abyss, breath taken by its beauty.
  • Country: India
    Destination: Assam
    In ASSAM,when I was passing through a river. I saw a KingFisher in a branch of a tree and the KingFisher was waiting for a fish for hunting.
  • Country: Turkey
    Destination: Hot Springs
    Pamuk Kale is a town in western Turkey known for the mineral-rich thermal waters flowing down white travertine terraces on a nearby hillside. Pamukkales terraces are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock deposited by water from the hot springs.This is a beautiful landscape from there and a wonderful reflection. I was very impressed that with my family I saw this natural phenomenon.
  • Country: United States
    Destination: Nevada
    A nice retreat during a long drive through the high desert, Bog Hot Springs is a fantastic location for camping and relaxing in a running hot spring creek. One can even choose their desired temperature simply by walking upstream or downstream. A must-visit location for all travelers in the Northeastern Nevada area.
  • Country: United States
    Destination: Hot Springs
    Bison relaxing near Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park
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