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  • Country: Philippines
    I represent my loving environment the sunset cover great animalistic cloud formation like head of dolphin and other side is the mouth of fox, it is symbolize peace and prosperity to everyone for another day of living on earth, and the black image is die body of acacia tree in middle of river here in Barangay Pesa Bongabon, Nueva Ecija Philippines, the tree made oxygen to continue protect the atmosphere to ozone layer of planet earth and the main source of man to create a new beginning of life, it gives opportunity to modernization and to enhance the technique and capability of many Filipino in modern technology like the creation of infrastructure, transportation, and communication for globally competitive but don’t forget to protect our mother earth because it is God given to all of us everyone have responsibility to do this, the number one problem of every nation is the climate change called “disaster calamity” some reason or cause of tragedy is the “illegal logging and kaigin system” to virgin forest, Philippine government have rules, regulation and laws to this issue, the international global warming committee is pursue their advocacy to prevent nature save every lives here on earth because it is the key to success for the next generation to build a good government.
  • fox
    Country: Canada
    Destination: Yukon
    fox in the wild taken in the Yukon
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