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Travel and Nature Photography Contests

Submit your best photos to our free photo contests. Our free online photography contests are for money, with no obligation! contests have the themes of nature, interesting places, wildlife, and travel, so your contest submissions can be diverse. 

Monthly Contest: Deadline & Prizes

All photos you post on are automatically entered in the monthly contests. We review every photo within a couple of days of it being posted. Our next free photography competition deadline is the end of this month. Upload your photos now for a chance at photographer of the month or photo of the month. The monthly winners receive GLORY...just register and start posting photos.

Yearly Competition: Deadline & Prizes

You must upload photos and manually enter our cash prize yearly contests. 

  • No cash prize contests are being held at this time. Sorry. 

Enter a photo

Past Nature Photo Contest Winners

How to Enter a Photo in the Next Contest

  1. Upload a photo to on the Upload Photo page
  2. After upload is complete, go to your Manage Photos page
  3. Click the "Enter Contest" link of the photo you want to enter in the next contest.
  4. You have entered a photo in the next contest


  1. You took the photograph
  2. Some aspect of nature must be part of the subject. Creations by man are eligible subjects if aspects of nature are part of the photo.
  3. Photography contest winners will be notified via email. So keep your email address up to date.
  4. Winning photos cannot be removed from the website
  5. You may only have one account
  6. Any watermarks must be in the corner of the photos and small so as not to obscure the photo.
  7. You may not win contests in back-to-back months.
  8. A photograph can only win once
  9. Only one entry may win (per contest) even if you submit many GREAT photos
  10. Photo width idea size is 1024px or greater
  11. You must be able to accept cash prizes via PayPalPayPal signup is fast, easy, and FREESign-up here.
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Important: About Prize Money!

You must be able to accept cash prizes via PayPal. We only pay cash prizes via PayPal. Prize money will increase as website support grows, so tell your friends about us. 

Tips for Winning our Photo Contests & Montly Competitions

  • Enter the contest. Just posting on the website does not enter the photo in the contest. You must manually enter the contest on the Manage Your Photos page.
  • Include some aspect of nature in an interesting way
  • Don't put borders or shading around the photo.
  • Don't put watermarks in the middle of the photo or use large watermarks.
  • Place small watermarks in the lower left or right corner of the photo.
  • Avoid dates or other data, except watermarks, on photos.
    photo date