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Valmie Joshi Photography

About my Life and Hobby

What is "Life"? To me life is a constant compromise between Mind and Heart, Logic and Emotions, Needs and Desires, Have and Want....... And most of the time Mind, Logic, Needs and to Have wins. But God has given choice to every one of us, to choose “Hobby”. Hobby fills the gap for Heart, Emotions, Desires and Wants.

My being software consultant is my need to survive and pay my bills for the family, whereas my Hobby pays form my Heart and Emotions. It allows me to express my hidden desires and supports creativity. It gives me immense satisfactions and relaxations after day’s work.  I see beauty in everything around me. I see peace and harmony of nature in the universe. My hobby does not permit me time to think anything negative or bad in anyone.

Creative and good hobby is God’s gift. I am blessed.

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