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KonWahinKpe Photography and Articles

As an insignificant, retired photographer, I keep on celebrating the Vision, and what our wonderful Earth offers to our eyes and minds.

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KonWahinKpe Articles


The Sound of the Camera

Once upon a time (is it already so far?), there were mechanical light-gathering boxes we called cameras because these were small obscure rooms where photo-sensitive materials waited in total darkness ...more

Holding It Horizontal

They weigh next to nothing, they're small, and can be usually taken just about anywhere, they're mostly well-protected against elements. You can use them in almost all situations, bringing first-hand ...more

Keeping Cameras Dry

Sometimes you’ll hear people complain that their newly bought underwater camera delivers fogged-over images when first used in water. At other times, some cameras sealed against water make perfectly c ...more

Do Not Drop That Camera

There is this young couple in front of the tavern, enjoying ice coffee and view. Both are photographers, or at least their cameras occupy the largest part of the tiny table surface. The man sees so ...more

DIY Belt Clip

This small piece of metal comes handy when I have to let go of my camera because I might for a moment need both hands free (like when climbing, or paddling). I made it from a flat strip of stainles ...more

Underwater Camera Wing

Watching underwater videos made with small, lightweight cams and video recorders, one can often notice that slight, jerky lateral swaying out of the horizontal plane. It is caused by the movement o ...more

To Underwater Camera Manufacturers

Suggestions To Manufacturers Of (Amphibious) Underwater Cameras The following suggestions are based upon upon my longtime experience with housed and amphibious cameras gathered in 45 plus years of ...more

Which Camera

Sometimes the search for “the best” camera looks like one of the apparently impossible chores of Hercules. So many concepts, so many manufacturers, so many models… And  every single one among tho ...more

Exif - And What It Is Good For

Exchangeable image file format (officially Exif, not EXIF according to JEIDA/JEITA/CIPA specifications) is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound, and ancillary tags used by digital c ...more

Authors And Rights

Seems like many people entering the field of photography still are not quite sure about what constitutes their Right Of Authorship. Since the Internet became the quickest and most important visual ...more