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Wacky Friends and Spontaneous Road Trip |

Me and my three other friends went on a road trip and discovered a beautiful and serene beach resort. It was not in our plan to stay in a resort but the aura of the place is very comfortable and the view is so attractive and breathtaking that we decided to stay. The entrance fee is very affordable since it is only one hundred pesos and it is also consumable. The food being served is delectable and you can choose from Filipino to European cuisine. The resort had only few costumers so we were able to enjoy and acted as if we owned the place. In the picture, my friends are trying to do a kung fu style pose. This photo was taken in Zamboanguita Negros Oriental. Photo by: mijitatralala © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Photographer | May


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Comment by: on 11/02/2015 09:04

"One of our all time favorite photos."