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Sidearm |

In the days of yore it was customary to carry a "side-arm", which could come handy when your main weapon was either too much or too cumbersome to use. In the days present, it still is customary to have another device to shoot in various ways and occasions whenever the situation requires it, and such sidearms are readily available for ever less money. Like this one here, called YDXJ01FM (Google for more using this mysterious code!). It can record video in 4K for ~90 minutes worth of one battery load, it can shoot photo bursts, timelapse photo, and timelapse video. It can shoot photos JPEG or RAW, exposures up to 60 seconds, night video, and video slowed down up to 8 times. Its nice to have such a sidearm along on your photo/video outings! Photo by: KonWahinKpe © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Photographer | Oct


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