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Earthling |

We share this planet with large variety of beings, which makes us all Earthlings - even when many look way different from us! And we havent yet seen all lifeforms in our World - not by a long shot! It got me thinking: how are we ever hoping to find life in the Universe if were not able to recognize it, and if we are not ready to admit that everything around us, including that Universe, actually teems with life!? Only local circumstances determine the shape and functions of all life forms on Earth, so why shouldnt it be the same everywhere? Beings on land and in the waters differ immensely for that very same, logical and basic reason. Why would it be otherwise for other places? There are many places Out There. We just do not really know what to look for. Our most ancient literature still holds some bewildering statements, like "all heavenly bodies; stars and planets, are inhabited", or " the material Universe is just 1/4th of the whole Creation". Where did this knowledge come from? Why isnt it at the fulcrum of all sciences of Man? Themes worthy of pondering upon when you see a butterfly... a fish... a bacteria... ;) Photo by: KonWahinKpe © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Photographer | May


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