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Beach of Teluk Bidara |

For a few years back, I got to hear the sound of the beach everyday. Living in a small town called DUNGUN. In the morning, jogging along the way of the beach. In the afternoon, go to play and see the sunset. When people ask what I missed the most in Dungun, I missed the beach mostly. The blowing of the wind that tasted salty and sometimes make your face felt sticky. But nonetheless will be missed. Walking barefoot on the sand along the beach. Shell everywhere scattered and sometimes you could see fisherman coming back from the sea with a lot of fish from far. I missed all of that. Breezy of the wind, the sound of the beach, the touch of the sand, and all the moment at the beach will never be forgotten for a long time. Photo by: Thirahzul © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Photographer | Dec


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