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Arrow Space Explained |

This is one well-organized, fenced-off Archery Training Field. The background begins with a parking lot and continues to an open, roofed shed where archers can setup their tackle, take a breath between shooting rounds, and share their experience. To the right is the grill arrangement for many less formal occasions that the merry band likes. Birthdays, weekends and holidays are easy, of course, but at times no reason can be a good enough reason too. The Standline is about five meters into the field, one line for all target distances. The targets begin from test distance of 3 meters, where new or repaired equipment is checked. Ten meter target(s) will be the next, followed by 30, 50, 70 and 90 meters. All other distances are visually interpolated, and shot at by archers moving forward from the basic standline. This happens only when other targets are not used, otherwise a certain target will be moved to the required distance. All archers on any target shoot together and retrieve their arrows together as well. There is no shooting while the arrows are retrieved from the targets, or are being searched for in the "grazing area". The search for arrows in the grass is funny to onlookers, not so funny for searchers. You wouldnt believe how an arrow can disappear, even in super-short grass. The way the Luck works, any archer is more likely to find an arrow other than their own. Thus, everyone goes looking as it shortens the search time. Also, no-one walks the field barefoot, in spite of the heightened probability of finding an arrow in such fashion. Ideally, the far end of the arrow flight area is backed by an earthen hill. It is absolutely forbidden to be there, except when no-one is shooting or when all are looking for stray arrows. Did you know that an arrow can penetrate through the bulletproof vest? Arrows tipped by bladed hunting heads would hardly slow down, but even sport points can do that. Its the principle the arrow works on that makes all the diference. Generally, arrows are wicked and extremely dangerous projectiles, so one must solidly cover every possible safety aspect. All in all, its a fascinating sport where you are fighting your own character traits, since an archer is literally a part of their weapon; its frame, aiming and energy source. This deceivingly simple combination mercilessly shows all personal shortcomings right there on the target, and not many people can stand so much truth! Photo by: KonWahinKpe © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Photographer | May


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