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aquatic chupacabras | Puerto Rico

while i was taking group from Houston, Texas for a snorkeling tour in San Juan,P.R. we ran into this amazing fish which i had never ever seen in my life. I have lived all my life in the ocean and of all the marine species i have seen this one stands out the most. for me its a mix of stone fish,lion fish,and manta ray and swims like a plane i have named it aquatic chupacabras. when i first saw it it was camouflaged in the sand bottom ,like the stone fish, and i could barely see it, it looks like a moth . when i got close to photograph it opened its beautiful wings and started gliding thru the water. i tried my best to keep it in front of me so the people could see this amazing display by this amazing animal. incredible but true . i feel blessed to have capture this image and thats why iam entering it in this contest. Photo by: nogafoto © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Photographer | Jul


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