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Baku Travel, Information, & Things to Do

Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It is situated at the joint of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East thus its culture, religion, cuisine among other things influenced by these three regions. The interpretation of Baku is “city on the hill,” “wind blow” and “city of winds or hill.” Baku is also Azerbaijan’s most prominent industrial center with a high concentration of old oil fields, modern drilling floating units, distinctive plants of deep water foundations and high-capacity derrick barges. Moreover, it is famed for the presence of a port terminal in the Caspian Sea, colossal rail junction, and industrialized oil plants, chemical, petrochemical, food, light, engineering branches of industry among many other sectors. Culturally, this city is the most significant cultural center of Azerbaijan. It is here that the first national theater in the Muslim East was constructed, the showcasing of first opera performance, the opening of the first library in the country, and publishing of Azerbaijan first newspaper. Subsequently, this has led this city to have seven theaters, 11 institutions of higher learning, 30 museums, film studios, opera theater, cinema theaters and libraries housed in both old iconic city structures as well as modern, beautiful buildings.

Discover and explore Baku, a city in the country of Azerbaijani Republic. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Baku helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Baku. It is located on the continent of Asia and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 40.3953 and logitude 40.3953. [Map of Baku].