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American Samoa

Flag of American Samoa

The tropical U.S. territory of American Samoa is comprised of seven islands and atolls surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean. Lining the islands are clean, sand beaches and mountain ranges full of greenery. Among the beauty of American Samoa is their marine sanctuary where individuals can learn about the marine life native to the area, and near the capital of Pago Pago is also a national park where individuals can take a relaxation day in this Polynesian paradise. While only being touch by opposition attack once during World War II it still has many historical sites from the War. The country's GPS coordinates address is latitude -14.270972 and logitude -14.270972. [Map of American Samoa].

Discover and explore American Samoa. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of American Samoa helps you learn about the cities, natural attractions, and American Samoan culture.