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Recent Articles

Grindelwald, Switzerland: The Best and Most Beautiful Place in Europe

Author: Mark Pringle

Where does one start when describing the most beautiful place in all of Europe? Do I begin with the luxurious chalets that charmingly clutch verdant green mountain slopes? Maybe I should begin with th...more

The Top 10 Must See Places in Portugal

Author: Mark Pringle

These are the top ten, sorry...let's change that to seven must see places in Portugal. Why only seven locations? Well, the number 7 is the number of perfection and these are seven...more

Tallinn Estonia: The Medieval Folk Story City


Projecting out onto the Baltic Sea lies the capital and cultural city of Estonia, Tallinn. Tallinn, once an ominous Soviet City, has evolved into one of the most vibrant and photogenic cities in the w...more

Sedona Arizona: Artist Haven and Red Rock Country

Author: Mark Pringle

Iconic red rocks, energy vortexes, art galleries, and natural beauty are trademarks of one of the most unique natural spectacles and destinations in the United States, Sedona Arizona. Few pl...more

St. Stephen's Cathedral: The Resplendent Baroque Church


A majestic House of God sits atop a hill in the Altstadt, “Old City”, of Passau. It overlooks the glistening Danube River and the junction of Ilz, a tributary of the Danube running through...more

The Vivacious Town and History of Granada Spain

Author: Mark Pringle

Sprawling on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain lays the medieval and Moorish architectural city of Granada. Granada is home to a spectacularly vibrant city life and friendly reside...more

St. Petersburg: The Russian City with A European Spirit

Author: Mark Pringle

Few cities match the history and grandeur of St. Petersburg, Russia. The Russian imperial capital is a surprising cultural hub with splendid architectural gems and Venice-like canals which evoke a rom...more

The Beauty of Lucerne, Switzerland

Author: Mark Pringle

Rarely will you be entranced by such a relatively small town as you will with Lucerne Switzerland. Situated in central Switzerland about a forty minute drive south of Switzerland's most-renow...more

Navratangarh: Treasure of History Lies Unattended

Author: ABHIJIT JHA Abhijit Jha

Travelling is a passion for me and in spite of my busy schedule, I always try to spend my weekend exploring new places. It was 25th of Dec,2016 when I myself, my wife Sonali and daughter Tasha  v...more

The Old and New of Klaipeda Lithuania


Downtown Klaipeda and Its Arts and Crafts Festival Feeling like a city that wants to desperately escape its Soviet past, Klaipeda, Lithuania has a mix of the old and new. The former Prussian ca...more

The Amazing and Spectacular Features of Yosemite


At the center of California lies the Yosemite National Park. The Park is famous for its amazing and heartwarming land features. In this place, you find eye catching features that include, but not ...more

Trip to the Eastern Himalayas

Author: judesolomonc

Trip to the Eastern Himalayas - Part I (Aritar, Zuluk, Nathula, Gangtok, Lachen, Gurudongmar, Lachung, Yumthung, yumesamdong, Darjeeling)The journey started from Chennai to Bagdogra (the nearest Airpo...more

Holding It Horizontal

Author: KonWahinKpe

They weigh next to nothing, they're small, and can be usually taken just about anywhere, they're mostly well-protected against elements. You can use them in almost all situations, bringing first-hand ...more

Keeping Cameras Dry

Author: KonWahinKpe

Sometimes you’ll hear people complain that their newly bought underwater camera delivers fogged-over images when first used in water. At other times, some cameras sealed against water make perfectly c ...more

Dropbox Dropbooks

Author: KonWahinKpe

Here is some useful photography-related literature for all photographers willing to widen their knowledge.First you should get the "Photobooks Links" which is a text file containing links to ...more

Do Not Drop That Camera

Author: KonWahinKpe

There is this young couple in front of the tavern, enjoying ice coffee and view. Both are photographers, or at least their cameras occupy the largest part of the tiny table surface. The man sees so ...more

Guilin and Lijiang River National Park


It is no secret that China has numerous, one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing attractions; take the Guilin and Lijiang River National Park, for example. This national park is located in southeastern Chin...more

Yellowstone's Old Faithful Geyser


The most famous of all geysers is Old Faithful. It is everything you would expect to see in a geyser. Located in Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful has the showman’s touch. With a rumbling fanfar...more

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Author: Union Pacific Corporation

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, as seen from either Artist Point or Inspiration Point, is one of the truly great wonders of the West. It is hard to conceive such breath-taking beauty. Once you have g...more

Yellowstone: The Crown of the Continent

Author: James Richardson

In the northwest corner of the Territory of Wyoming, about half way between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean, and in the same latitude as the State of New York, the grand Rocky Mountain sys...more

Legislation About Yosemite

Author: John Muir

In the year 1864, Congress passed the following act:-- ACT OF JUNE 30, 1864 (13 STAT., 325). An Act Authorizing a grant to the State of California of the "Yo-Semite Valley," and of...more

Hetch Hetchy Valley

Author: John Muir

Yosemite is so wonderful that we are apt to regard it as an exceptional creation, the only valley of its kind in the world; but Nature is not so poor as to have only one of anything. Several other yos...more

Yosemite: Early History Of The Valley

Author: John Muir

In the wild gold years of 1849 and '50, the Indian tribes along thus western Sierra foothills became alarmed at the sudden invasion of their acorn orchard and game fields by miners, and soon began to ...more

How Best to Spend One's Time in Yosemite

Author: John Muir

One-Day ExcursionsNo. 1.If I were so time-poor as to have only one day to spend in Yosemite I should start at daybreak, say at three o'clock in midsummer, with a pocketful of any sort of dry breakfast...more

The Big Trees of Yosemite

Author: John Muir

Between the heavy pine and silver fir zones towers the Big Tree (Sequoia gigantea), the king of all the conifers in the world, "the noblest of the noble race." The groves nearest Yosemite Va...more