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Whale Watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Author: Deshan Ilangakoon

One of the many popular activities to do on the seas off Sri Lanka is Whale Watching. Many of the boats that go out are fully booked even occasionally on off-season days. Sri Lanka has a few cities po...more

Top 12 Best Cities in Europe to Visit (Photos)

Author: Kanchana Rao

The best destinations in Europe are deep-rooted in history, charming vistas, spectacular cityscapes, miles of green countryside, timeless castles, poster perfect Mediterranean beaches, and gourme...more

Niagara Falls Facts, Fun Things to Do, and History

Author: Collins Obara

The Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada is among the top natural wonders in the world with three spectacular waterfalls; Bridal Veil, American Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls. The 56-kilometer spectac...more

Stockholm Facts, Travel and Points of Interest

Author: brian_kibet

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Also known as Venice of the north due to the presence of eye-catching buildings, inviting parks and plentiful museums. It contains an area measuring approximat...more

Siguniang Mountain: a Sacred Place for Tibetans and Paradise for Climbers

Author: Rayhan Dudayev

I drank hot water from my thermos. First, the hot water could warm my body. Second, my body needed a lot of water at an altitude where I'm not used to living, above 3300 m of the sea level. I was ...more

Verona, Italy: Travel in the Wake of Romeo and Juliet

Author: Lilit Mkrtchyan

Verona is a city breathing with love, affection, and embraced with romance. This town is where Romeo fell in Love with Juliet. "A Hundred shades of romance are beautifying the walls of ...more

Budapest Facts, Travel and Points of Interest

Author: Kanchana Rao

A city formed by the amalgamation of two separate cities, Buda and Pest, modern Budapest is Hungary’s capital. The striking feature of Budapest is its youthful vibe that blends perfectl...more

My Visit to Enchanted Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy

Author: Lilit Mkrtchyan

Today the air in Lecco is so light, with a fragrant scent of lakeside Alps. The rainbow comes alive after a gentle rain… The sun is shining, illuminating my thoughtful face, generating a te...more

Grindelwald, Switzerland: The Best and Most Beautiful Place in Europe

Author: Mark Pringle

Where does one start when describing the most beautiful place in all of Europe? Do I begin with the luxurious chalets that charmingly clutch verdant green mountain slopes? Maybe I should start wi...more

Seoul, South Korea: My Travel Experience and Points of Interest

Author: Swati Bisht

It was an extremely cold morning of February when I reached Seoul, the capital of South Korea, for an International Conference. I was excited because I had only read about this economically powerf...more

Taipei, Taiwan: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Author: Collins Obara

Taipei city is a modern metropolis located on the northern tip of Taiwan. As a capital city, Taipei is known as a prominent economic and cultural hub. This island has a lot to offer with years of ...more

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Facts, Travel and Points of Interest

Author: Kanchana Rao

In the European continent sits this quaint city of Amsterdam that welcomes travelers with its umpteen canals, cobbled streets, narrow, gabled houses and charming trams. Amsterdam is the capital of Net...more

Liechtenstein: Princely Moments and Activities in Liechtenstein

Author: Lilit Mkrtchyan

“I came into another planet!” It was my first thought when I stepped into the city Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Being the largest city in Liechtenstein, Schaan is t...more

Istanbul, Turkey: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Author: Kanchana Rao

If traveling many centuries back in time is on your agenda, then Istanbul is just the place for you. Being more than 2500 years old, the name of this city was changed twice; from Byzantium to Constant...more

Nuwara Eliya: The Amazing City of Light in Sri Lanka

Author: saptami

The land of Sri-Lanka is defined by the elephants, precious gems, a history and culture dated back several centuries. At the heart of the country lies a small town in the top of the hills, wh...more

Bangkok, Thailand: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Author: Collins Obara

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand as known by foreigners. Thailand natives refer to it as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon. However, this is the shortened version of the longer name. The more extended ver...more

Tokyo, Japan: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Author: Collins Obara

Are you planning to spend your vacation in Japan this coming summer? Tokyo should never miss on the list of cities to yours. Ranked among the busiest and most commercial towns in the world, Tokyo was ...more

Singapore Travel, Facts, and Points of Interest

Author: Swati Bisht

This was my sixth visit to Singapore a country which can, by all means, be titled as a ‘Sunshine country’. Each time I visit this country, I am excited for I know it will have something ne...more

Top 10 Royal Palaces in Europe

Author: brian_kibet

These are 10 of the most beautiful and famous palaces in Europe. Not only does Europe's rich and diverse culture make it unique but so do the many royal palaces owned by the royal famili...more

Shanghai, China: Facts, Travel and Points of Interest

Author: Kanchana Rao

Shanghai is China’s pride. This metropolis is situated on the Yangtze River bank, which accounts for the glorious financial, economic and international trade it enjoys. Added to this, it is the ...more

Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe and Highest Train Station in Europe


Jungfraujoch is what is known as a “saddle” (a crest between two peaks, joch in German) connecting the peaks of Jungfrau and Monch in the Bernese Alps. It is a popular tourist destinat...more

Seville, Spain: Facts, Travel, Points of Interest and Food

Author: Swati Bisht

It was a sunny, breezy, and cheerful afternoon when I reached Seville: a city in southern Spain which had been in my travel wish-list for a long time. The largest autonomous community of Andalusia and...more

3 Days in London: The Best Itinerary for Your Trip

Author: Anurag Agarwal

If you are on a three-day tour of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom and one of the most fascinating cities on earth, you will want to see as much as possible while not missing the hi...more

Hong Kong, China: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Author: Collins Obara

Hong Kong is a colorful, dynamic, and self-governing metropolis located on the southern coast of China. The name Hong Kong means “Fragrant Harbor” due to its deep-water harbor which i...more

Ranking the World's 20 Best Beaches (Amazing Photos)

Author: Kanchana Rao

How do you decide the world's best among beaches? At the outset, all the beaches appear the same, but die-hard beach fans beg to differ. With the infinite number of seas and oceans, our beautiful ...more