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Author: KonWahinKpe Here is some useful photography-related literature for all photographers willing to widen their knowledge.

First you should get the "Photobooks Links" which is a text file containing links to the individual books.
Download using link here:


This list of books is periodically updated, and this way you get the latest version.

Save the list to your computer and open it using Notebook, or MS Word, or whatever else opens .txt files.

To download any book from the list, just Copy its link and Paste in your browser address field.
Download and Save the book to your disk and enjoy it in your free time!


Don't forget to share books with your friends - knowledge is meant to be shared.

Enjoy the reading, and have a Good Light!

(Old Eyes - photo by KonWahinKpe)

About the Author: KonWahinKpe

As an insignificant, retired photographer, I keep on celebrating the Vision, and what our wonderful Earth offers to our eyes and minds.