• Country: Pakistan

    Camels in Desert

  • Country: Macedonia

    Our Fuzzy has an interesting observation post. From the terrace table he can see a long way down the either side of the road, and also see inside whether his meal has already been prepared. Clever one, Fuzzy! :)

  • Country: Philippines

    After the abuse of greedy polititians on provincial mountains, seeds still find its way to grow naturally filling our muntains making it greener and a healthy view for us.

  • Country: Macedonia

    Crab - another member of my beautiful underwater world.

  • Country: Macedonia

    Photographers will do whatever it takes to reach their goal. I surely hope this lady got the point-of-view and the picture she was after. Frankly, I was ready for every outcome - including the Grand Splash - but the story had an uneventful end. Oh, well ;)

  • Country: Macedonia

    One of my regular swimming friends in the lake reed, the watesnake. Sometimes the snake will swim up to look at his reflection in the mask or camera port. At other times, hell be intrigued by the snorkel and climb my head to hitch a ride for awhile... but of all the hundreds of snakes I have met in the water, NOT ONE showed any agressive move. I hope this helps end the superstitious belief that people have about those gentle creatures...

  • Country: Austria

    short stop at my pond before laying eggs

  • Country: Macedonia

    The infinitely varying face of the lake... This time from underneath.

  • Country: Canada

    Ice crystals of light above the setting sun in a purple sky.

  • Country: India

    Raindrop on Hibiscus Pollen