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Two sleepy monkeys - Lithuania Republic |

It was a really hot day, so they are sleeping like this not to keep warm. I think we could call it LOVE :)

Snail after the rain - India |

After the ,my kid called with loudly and showed this snail. quickly i took my cam and taked it ...

Last Rays Over Monument Vally - United States | Utah

Last Rays Over Monument Valley, Utah is purely a lucky shot. I saw the sun going down while I was on a conducted tour of the valley and was keen on getting a shot of my life time before the sun dipped over the horizon. As I reached the disembarking point,last rays of the sun were skimming the top of the buttes. I dashed to a high vantage point to avoid heads of other photographers who had already set up their tripods and were shooting in a mad frenzy. Panting due to exertion, I fired away couple of shots with the camera in my trembling hands. There was simply no time to set up my tripod.

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