• Country: Macedonia

    Dragonflies, my favorite models.

  • Country: India

    An Indian cobra perched on a bamboo thicket ready to strike at the slightest provocation. In the absence of proper medical care, its single bite is said to cause certain death in half an hour.

  • Country: India

    The cute dragonfly enjoys rain

  • Country: United Kingdom

    Butterfly on a flower

  • Country: Indonesia

    its a rock at wediombo beach...its interesting me because its look like a crocodile head.

  • Country: Mauritius

    golden sunset enlightening this part of the world

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

    dubai metro

  • Country: Canada

    Fog and sun meet between the trees.

  • Country: Myanmar

    Shwedagon pagoda from yangon at sunset.

  • Country: Croatia Republic

    lonely walk