• Country: India

    This picture taken in bird sanctuary in winter. This bird called White bellied pelicans.

  • Country: India

    small tomato

  • Country: India

    Wandering Spider (Ctenus Sp.)

  • Country: Macedonia

    My neighbourhood...Lake Ohrid, Macedonia.

  • Country: Pakistan

    Camel Show

  • Country: United States

    Light rays in Antelope Slot Canyon, Page, AZ

  • Country: Croatia Republic

    What has caused this (now dry) weed to grow the way it did? One can only wonder. However, this curiously shaped was luckily found before the exposure forces decomposed it back to its elements. Like myriad other wonders that we never get to see. So I count myself lucky.

  • Country: Indonesia

    Blue sky at dusk

  • Country: United States

    Paris streets, after a rainstorm, antique shop, bicycle, brick wall, bike

  • Country: India

    Wandering Violin Mantis (Gongylus gongylodes) With Its Prey Micronia Moth...