• Country: Australia

    An Osprey with talons extended forward and fully focused on the fish in the water. The fish doesnt know it yet, but its game over.

  • Country: Macedonia

    Spiny weedlike plant frequenty found in Galicica National Park (Macedonia). Its glass-hard needles easily penetrate even denim jeans and light footwear. But as far as Im concerned, its main feature is beauty.

  • Country: Macedonia

    No wonder, there is still snow thawing and feeding the lake with cold waters.

  • Country: United States

    sunset clouds

  • Country: Macedonia

    My love - underwater photography.

  • Country: India

    Web with water droplets

  • Country: Canada

    leaf on tree

  • Country: Philippines

    stolen shot

  • Country: Indonesia

    Located at the northen side of Batur mount, Bali - Indonesia

  • Country: Argentina

    Un bote remolcador, varado en la costa de Ushuaia.